Tippmann – Product Range

Tippmann manufactures paintball and paint pall equipment. Initially it would manufacture collectible and half scaled machine guns. It got into manufacturing paintball due to some government’s changes in the gun laws.

Current makers of paintball

Alpha Black
They are in partnership with the US army. They make guns for the army soldiers to train. It is officially licensed by the US Army. It has a stainless steel gas line and a 11 inch high performance barrel. Built with an inline bolt system, an integrated carry handle, and a removable magazine, the Alpha Black has a realistic military look.

Project Salvo
The Project Salvo got its name in 1950, after a series of tests carried on by the operation research office of the army. The Project Salvo has an adjustable front and rare sights that can also be removed. It includes a die cast all metal body and a front rifle sliding mount also includes a steel braided bottom line air hose. The accessory kit comprises of an owners manual, marker oil, squeegge, tensioned barrel plug, and Allen wrench kit.

98 Custom
It was originally named Model 98 before it was modified by Tippmann to 98 Custom. It has an easily accessible chamber that allows the user quick swapping of the feeding neck.

A -5
The A 5 works on a concept called the cyclone feed. It is a semi- automatic paintball maker. This benefits the user as the gun has a high rate of fire. About 15 balls per second.

The X-7 is rated as the most customizable marker on the market by Tippmann. it was launched on Nov. 20, 2006. The X-7 has a similar working mechanism as the A-5. It can fire up to 20 balls per second.

X7 Phenom
This is a low maintained design that reduces recoil. This is done by using the Flex Valve technology. The X7 phenom is shorter than the X-7 by three inches.

This has a high impact composite body, with a central fed neck and a double trigger. It has three basic models, the XL semi automatic, the XT semi automatic and the eXT Electronic. It was launched in 2006 by Tippmann Pneumatics.

Tippmann TPX
This is a high performance, low cost paintball pistol. The Tippmann TPX works using magazines that are pushed in to the grip. This also has a high impact composite body and a metal trigger