Product Sales Update Training (Part 1)

Whenever you or a company launch a new product, you need to transfer the knowledge as part of product training to your clients or sales personnel. Since your clients or sales personnel are from all over the world, you may want to get the message across to them in a clear and interactive manner.You need to ensure that everyone gets trained in a short period of time. Other than getting everyone to come to one place, elearning is also another great approach that can helps to reduce cost and time to market. Besides that, with the information loaded on the site, they can continue to be used unlimited times.With e-learning, you can do that in a virtual manner–you can run a virtual sales seminar over the Internet. You could have product experts and Senior Sales Managers lecture or conduct training on the new product features and explain how each feature affects the sales equation. You might also present some sales case studies for the new product that show how best to sell it. And you could give a short quiz at the end just to be sure that everyone understood the main points.Webcasts are sometimes used for this type of live learning event, but 1 think it’s even more effective to use Web lectures. The difference is that a Webcast depends heavily on the video trans-mission and often focuses on the “talking head” instead of the information being transmitted. That’s good for a casual lecture, and for entertainment, but not when you really expect people to learn and remember critical facts.Web lectures broadcast PowerPoint-type slides over the Internet with an audio voice-over. This means that each slide appears one by one on the computer screen, and you hear the lecturer talk¬ing about each slide. So you’re send¬ing the information by eye and by ear at the same time. With the Web lec¬tures, you keep the focus on the slides and not on the person talking.Depending on the type of high-tech product you’re selling, you might be able to do a good demo of the new product features over the Web so the salespeople can see it work even if they can’t actually touch it. Don’t spend too much energy fretting over this, however, because useful product demos are very hard to pull off (even at a live event).About ElearningCommunity.comeLearning Community 2.0 ( is a marketplace for Infopreneurs (Internet Entrepreneurs involved in info business) to grow their info business to the next level by leveraging the power of social networking offered by Web 2.0. eLearning Community 2.0 offers FREE-TO-USE platform for Infopreneurs to create, host and promote their info products and services in the form of eCourse through learn-on-demand, live coaching and real-time conferencing.